About Rachel Brdanovic

Rachel Brdanovic has provided energy auditing solutions for her clients over the past eight years. She specialises in identifying opportunities and creating sustainable change in businesses and organisations. Her Master of Sustainability degree provides a broad understanding of many sustainability based issues, and as a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), Rachel collects and analyses data to assist clients to make informed decisions relating to best practice equipment upgrades and purchases.

Building Upgrade Finance – is it right for you?

Do you understand how energy efficient upgrades could help your business but don’t have the capital to do so? Building Upgrade Finance is a finance product or loan that building owners can access to improve the energy, water or environmental efficiency or sustainability of existing non-residential buildings. The loan is available to all industries, be [...]

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Is Bigger Better?

The Australian energy market is always evolving, and the solar market is reflective of this. Increases to feed-in tariffs and decreases in the price of solar panels have provided a situation where larger systems are now tipped to save money and repay the investment in them over an equal, if not shorter, time than [...]

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Battery Data Package Winner report

We installed a data logger at our winner's home from 8th to 28th March. This recorded the energy use of a number of different circuits - the air-conditioning, the stove, the lights, and everything else. We identified the day where they used the most energy, and also discovered what a typical day in their house [...]

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