old oil painting recaptioned to show despair at receiving electricity bill

At Tandem Energy, we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our clients’ electricity costs and emissions.

We have been following the team at iO Energy with interest ever since they won the 2021 Carbon Neutral Adelaide award for innovation (beating yours truly but who holds a grudge…).

iO Energy are currently offering a cost-reflective tariff for small businesses in SA. The pricing structure is best suited for businesses which operate primarily during daylight hours, with cost as low as 20c/kWh while the sun is shining, but rising significantly higher in the evening.

One small local business we assessed can reduce their electricity bills by 25% simply by moving to iO Energy, without making any changes to the way they operate.

Tandem Energy now have access to the iO Energy billing assessment tool, so you can simply email us a recent copy of your electricity bill and we let you know quickly and easily and with no obligation, if this tariff is right for you.

Anti-disclaimer: Tandem Energy do not have any sort of financial arrangement with iO Energy. We just think their approach to electricity pricing is really cool, and exactly what Australia needs to help us reduce emissions by taking full advantage of the abundance of solar energy and subsequent low daytime pricing.