We take pride in delivering consistency and quality throughout all of our services by focusing on three key elements.

1. Finding solutions, not identifying problems

The solutions we offer will always be data-driven, practical and cost-effective, so you can make the right decision easily.

2. Sustainability across all aspects

We take sustainability into account throughout all areas of our work, including  economic stability, social impacts, and environmental considerations.

3. Excellent service

We take great pride in offering personalised service with integrity and honesty.


Our Services

Energy Health Check

An Energy Health Check is a quick, low-cost way to discover how your business is currently uses energy and to identify potential savings.

Energy Auditing

Through our energy auditing process, we help our clients to reduce costs, predict future energy requirements, and manage risk.

Implementing Solutions 

Discovering how you use energy is an important first step towards realising energy savings – but it’s implementing solutions that provides the results.

Training and Workshops

We don’t just design and implement smart solutions. We empower our clients to become self-sufficient in managing their energy needs effectively.

Alternative Energy Solutions

We use up-to-date knowledge and the latest software to ensure you are using the most effective mix of grid and alternative solutions.

Monthly Energy Management Service

Through telephone support and data analysis, we make sure you’re being charged what you should and understand what you are consuming.

Energy Analytics

We break down energy usage by evaluating historical data and monitoring significant loads in real time. We utilise this data to help find opportunities and support our recommendations.