Energy Strategy Development

An affordable and secure energy future starts with a solid plan. Through personalised consultation, Tandem Energy can help your organisation realise energy savings and reduce carbon emissions with a comprehensive Energy Management Strategy (EnMS). We help you develop innovative ways to sustainably use resources and provide you with a clear vision of how to achieve your energy goals.

Our strategy development focuses on the four essentials of integrated energy management:

  • Security of supply
  • Security of price
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental stewardship

Some key considerations within the strategy are:

Energy inputs including how you currently source and pay for energy and future opportunities.

Technical energy management measures such as efficiency gains in lighting, heating and cooling and demand management.

Non-technical energy management measures such as leadership, planning and staff training.

Aspirational targets such as becoming a carbon neutral certified organisation.

Energy Strategy Process

The following steps provide a guide to the process of EnMS development.

  1. Establish EnMS leadership team and key stakeholders
  2. Define key objectives
  3. Obtain baseline data
  4. Goal and strategy development through management and staff workshops
  5. Development of EnMS including a communication and implementation plan, financing and ongoing review

The Energy Management Strategy provides a platform to prioritise key energy reduction opportunities as well as a timeline for actions. It can also assist in developing a business case for investment in renewable technologies such as solar, storage, waste to energy, micro-grids.

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