Want someone to find energy savings for you – for free?

We’re experts in energy and can save you $$ on your energy bills –
no up-front investment needed!



You provide us with your current electricity information

We analyse your current tariffs and demand

We find no-cost saving opportunities

We both share in the savings, 50/50, for the first 12 months

The fine print

  1. To enable Tandem Energy to access your electricity data and communicate with your electricity retailer, we require you to complete a letter of authority (template will be provided).
  2. Potential savings are based on your previous 12 months electricity consumption patterns. Significant changes in your future electricity consumption patterns may affect your actual savings however our crystal ball is currently in for service so we act in good faith based on the best available information at the time of our assessment.
  3. All savings that we calculate will be rounded down to the nearest hundred dollars, for simplicity.
  4. We will arrange the necessary changes with your energy retailer to enact the savings we identify.
  5. After your first bill arrives demonstrating that the savings we promised you are real, we will invoice you for the agreed amount. We continue to do this for the following eleven months, meaning you only pay us for the savings shown on your bills. Note that savings are typically on the network charges component of your bill and so won’t vary based on your electricity consumption or production levels.

To find out more, fill in the form below or contact Tandem Energy direct.