Workshop – What’s a Watt?  Understanding and checking your electricity bills

What’s the first thing you do when you receive your electricity bill? Brace yourself for the angina-like pain about to ensue? Glaze over as you cast your eyes down the lines of acronyms and data that mean precisely nothing to you, knowing you will pay the amount due regardless?

Electricity bills and tariffs are complex to understand and, in general, downright boring. However, making sure you understand how you are using energy and what you are being charged for can save you money – in some cases, a lot of money.

Establishing good bill governance will ensure you don’t get over-charged, as well as highlight potential savings. In this two-hour workshop, we help you understand the elements that make up your electricity bill and how to find potential errors and savings. The session includes:

  • What’s a Watt – understanding kWh/kVA/power factor
  • Agreed/Actual/Maximum Demand
  • Bill elements – contract and regulated charges
  • Check and cross check – more efficient ways to manage bill governance
  • Energy efficiency

Our trained facilitators make learning about energy and bills fun (well, as fun as it’s going to get) and participants will take away a cheat sheet to help put their learnings into practise.

“The workshop was very interesting; the information that was provided I have not come across in any other event or in the workplace” – Local Government workshop participant.

If you or your organisation are interested in participating in a workshop, contact Rachel Brdanovic at:

+61 407 775 868