Live data from Wattwatchers app


In today’s modern world, data is power. And in the energy sphere, data is vital to determining how you can save money.

Everyone receives electricity bills from their retailer, outlining how much electricity was consumed for a particular period. However, these bills are often received many weeks after the meter read, delaying any immediate decisions that could be made on site. Additionally, bills do not outline when energy was being consumed the most in a day, making it even harder to determine what can be done to reduce bill-shock.

Monitoring is a straightforward, simple method of capturing energy-related data in real-time, reporting back to you as to when and what in your business is consuming the most energy. Data often shows patterns (e.g. high summer and winter consumption, and low autumn and spring consumption) which can be used to find inconsistencies like an air-conditioning system turning on after hours. This helps to identify inefficiencies within the site that can be adapted to lower consumption and reduce your next bill.


Did you know: conventional oil-filled radiator heaters are an extremely inefficient method of heating an office space? In most cases, these units are only capable of heating the one or two people closest to the unit but use over 16kWh of energy in a day.
After we installed a monitoring system at a client site, we became aware of an unusually high baseline consumption.  Further analysis determined that multiple oil radiators were used. We recommended that the heaters should be replaced with foot-mat heaters, which are approximately 90% more efficient than the convection heaters. This provided direct comfort to the coldest staff members, and significantly reduced consumption.

Wattwatchers, an energy monitoring manufacturer and data platform, demonstrates the true power of data through their My Energy Marketplace (or MEM). The ability to view real-time energy data captured by their monitoring system enables consumers to make decisions regarding on-site usage, solar power and the best energy retailer. The MEM been achieved with the support of a $2.7 million ARENA grant with an aim to cut energy waste and improve consumer understanding of their energy use.

We are delighted to be able to offer the Wattwatchers monitoring system at a discounted price to small businesses, homes and schools.

Small business and homes

$950 value for only $399+GST*.  Suitable for solar and non-solar sites, Includes data and tools to help you optimise your electricity use.  3 year subscription also included (value $150). 

* yes there’s always an asterisk!  In this case, if you want more than 6 channels monitored or if it’s a complex installation then there may be additional costs.




Wattwatchers, in partnership with Solar Schools, is offering a grant-subsidised opportunity for 250 schools to partake in the My Energy Market. For $1,097 ex GST your school will get:

  • 2x WattWatcher Devices (3×60 amp and 3×600 amp CT clamps)
  • Installation subsidy of up to $700
  • Ownership of your data
  • Profile of how your school uses energy
  • The ability to project data on public displays
  • Energy Starter teaching resources

The images on this page are screenshots from a real site using WattWatchers MyEnergy app which illustrates the simplicity of getting an understanding of your energy consumption, with or without solar.

Historical data comparing electricity used at the site with electricity produced by solar. At this site, they are almost equal.

Historical data showing electricity used from the grid and electricity exported from solar