We believe energy should be accessible and affordable to all

We take a holistic approach to energy management, providing integrated, realistic, and innovative solutions to help you source and consume energy more efficiently.

 Energy Health Check

An Energy Health Check is a quick, low-cost way to discover how your business is currently uses energy and to identify potential savings.

Tandem has designed a quick and low-cost way to discover how your business currently uses energy and to identify potential savings.

Energy Auditing

Reducing energy consumption starts with understanding how you use it. By analysing your current energy consumption and site operations, we can identify fluctuating requirements, predict future demands, and recommend relevant and achievable energy solutions.

We provide type 1, 2 and 3 energy audits, following the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3598:2014 for energy audits.

Implementing Solutions

Discovering how you use energy is an important first step towards realising energy savings – but it’s implementing solutions that provides the results.

We provide assistance in all aspects of project management and implementation, ensuring you achieve savings quickly.

Climate Active Carbon Neutral Certification

Carbon neutrality is a growing trend within many businesses as they underpin their values on sustainability and community.

We, as Climate Active Registered Consultants, can work with you and your business to develop your carbon inventory and help you purchase offsets to achieve the Federally-recognised standard.

License and Compliance Support

Installing and owning large solar systems requires an overwhelming range of compliance obligations.

Our team is well versed in matters regarding obtaining an ESCOSA generation licence, becoming an accredited power station in the REC Registry, developing compliance documentation and safety, reliability, maintenance and technical management plans, and managing annual reporting obligations.

We support both system owners and installers through this challenging regulatory process so you can focus on getting the system up and operating as soon as possible.

Training and Workshops

We empower our clients to become self-sufficient in managing their energy needs.

Our team of qualified facilitators provide tailor-made and audience appropriate energy and sustainability training for all stakeholders.

Alternative Energy Solutions

We use up-to-date knowledge and the latest software to ensure you are using the most effective mix of grid and alternative solutions.

We can size and design solar, batteries, thermal storage and microgrids that optimise payback by matching energy generation to business consumption.

Monthly Energy Management

We keep you on track with your energy goals through this monthly service.

Through telephone support and data analysis, we make sure you’re being charged what you should and understand what you are consuming.

Energy Analytics

You cannot manage what you don’t measure.

We break down your energy use by evaluating historical data and monitoring significant loads in real time. Energy demand profiling, or data logging, further helps us understand how your site or piece of equipment is using energy over time.

Tariff Optimisation

A tariff optimisation analyses your energy usage data to make sure you are not paying more money than you need to.

We are well experienced with tariffs and can identify if there are better tariffs available for your business.

Energy-Saving Clients

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