Together we are more powerful

Our years of professional experience and collective passion for a better future have resulted in a new program – Together we are more powerful.


The program aims to provide clear direction and assistance to the businesses currently overlooked or neglected in our electricity market, making real cost savings achievable.

We see Tandem Energy as a dynamic link helping small businesses participate fairly in our electricity market. Our program is designed to be flexible enough to absorb dynamic technological advancements and policy changes to help businesses stay ahead in the market

How does it work?

Together we are more powerful enables SME’s to take advantage of being a part of an energy purchasing buying group.

By acting as a group, better energy prices can be negotiated through the power of numbers.

The group also benefits from our industry contacts and partners, with access to technology at a lower cost, and our advice to help you use energy more efficiently in your operations.

How do I take part?

Sign up is free, to register your interest simply fill in the form below.

We can then evaluate your current energy situation and discuss whether joining our group would benefit your business.

Our goal is to have 200 members by the end of the year, so please spread the word, as the more members the more benefits for all.