Tandem Energy would like to welcome Mariana Suarez Cruz.  Mariana is an international student from Colombia pursuing a master’s degree in Data Science at Adelaide University.

Mariana saysBefore coming to Australia, I worked in the banking industry in Colombia for several years. During that time, I was exposed to vast amounts of data daily, and I witnessed first-hand how data and information can transform decision-making across various industries. This experience sparked my curiosity and passion for data science, leading me to pursue this field further.

The team at Tandem firmly believe that data has the power to drive innovation and efficiency in businesses, and we are excited to have Mariana working with us on data improvement strategies, both internally and for our clients.

The energy sector, with its potential to transform our world, has always fascinated me. The opportunity to combine my passion for data science and interest in energy management is incredibly exciting. I’m eager to learn from the experienced team at Tandem as well as contribute my own skills and knowledge. Together, I believe we can make a meaningful impact on how businesses approach energy and carbon management using data-driven strategies.

Welcome to the team, Mariana!