About Jack Gill

Jack Gill has been advocating for sustainability for the last 8 years. Specialising in data analysis, Jack has been able to identify opportunities for businesses to make positive changes. Having studied a Bachelor of Environment Policy and Management at the University of Adelaide, and currently studying a Master's of Science (Environment and Sustainability), Jack is acutely aware of the factors that go into decision making at the top level. Jack is also a trained Climate Reality Leader and past President of the Adelaide University's Adelaide Sustainability Association, where community mobilisation is a cause close to him. Alongside that, he is involved in community engagement and policy with the Gawler Youth Advisory Committee in his role as Deputy Chair and the Gawler Environment Centre as Chairperson.

Goodbye, and hello

In what is a bittersweet moment for us we say goodbye this week to Jack as he moves on to an exciting new position.  After 4 years working for Tandem, Jack will now be attempting to effect change from within the Federal Government in his new job working as a Policy Officer in the newly [...]

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New Small Business Energy Incentive tax deduction

The Albanese Government has announced a new tax incentive in the May 2023 budget to help small and medium-sized businesses reduce their energy costs through investment in energy efficiency and electrification. The Small Business Energy Incentive is a tax deduction that will be available to businesses with an annual turnover of less than $50 [...]

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Tandem in the news

22 June 2022 The recent developments regarding the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the east-coast market has generated a significant public interest in understanding the contributing factors prior to AEMO suspending the market last week, and now, preparing to lift the suspension and resume the market. CEO Rachel Brdanovic was approached by the ABC [...]

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Tandem’s Climate Active Certification Journey

After recently completing Climate Active training and becoming registered Climate Active consultants (for all 5 Climate Active certifications: Organisations, Products, Services, Events and Precincts), Tandem staff members Rachel and Jack are excited to begin putting what they have learnt into practice, by helping support businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions [...]

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What you should know when you commit to a large solar system

Renewable energy is an effective and simple method of reducing your energy consumption and reducing your carbon emissions. Large organisations often require equally large quantities of solar PV to be installed to offset their energy demands and bring down operational costs. One of the reasons many solar installers recommend a system of 99kW is [...]

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Why you should always check-in on your data

Nearly all monitoring systems have mobile apps, meaning that your system's data is in the palm of your hand. It is all too easy to set and forget your solar and monitoring systems. They work in the background, and most of the time, there are no problems or alerts that require your [...]

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