My Business Finance recently reported on the unsustainable nature of rising energy costs in their article “Energy bill shock: $500 a day not sustainable”. Indeed, for many small businesses, a rise in any expense line puts extra pressure on already stressed out owners, if not putting an end to the business altogether. Unfortunately, energy is one expense line we can’t do without.

Rising energy costs often mean cuts need to be made in other areas, such as staffing and the improvement of facilities, which detracts from the customer experience. Ultimately, if you can’t provide your customers with a good experience, they will go somewhere else.

Part of the problem when it comes to energy costs for SMEs is the lack of choice or bargaining power they have available to them. Businesses renting their premises are subject to the landlords’ receptiveness to things like solar energy generation or energy efficiency upgrades. In addition, being a small business means that your buying power is limited, and you are left to purchase energy on your own. Trying to get the best deal in the current retail market can be quite the arduous task.

The article does highlight some potential solutions, one being around collective bargaining and SMEs coming together to create a group purchase. Tandem Energy is in the process of bringing together one such group.

Tandem Energy’s program, Together we are more powerful, aims to provide clear direction and assistance to the businesses currently overlooked or neglected in the energy retail market. Tandem Energy acts as a dynamic link that enables small businesses to purchase energy for a fair price.

Through the program, SMEs are able to take advantage of being a part of an energy purchasing buying group. By acting as a group, better energy prices can be negotiated, and the group also benefits from Tandem’s industry contacts and partners, with access to technology at a lower cost. Anyone interested in finding out more about the program can do so through the Tandem Energy website. Its free to register and all you need to do is provide us with the following:

  • Letter of authority (we can send you a form on request)
  • 12 months-worth of energy bills
  • Current electricity and gas contracts
  • Any other information about your energy requirements that might be useful

Tandem Energy offers a full range of services including Energy Auditing, Implementation, Training and Workshops, Alternative Energy Solutions and a Monthly Energy Management Service, which can be tailored to business needs. Get in touch to find out more.