Hello, we are Tandem Energy. We collaborate with our clients to manage their energy requirements more intelligently

Our customers include commercial, industrial, government and SMEs.


We integrate hardware and software information systems to identify cost savings and ways to use, source and consume energy more efficiently.

We then train and empower management and staff to track energy consumption while identifying any inefficiencies.

Implementing solutions that achieve genuine savings

We’re all about meaningful changes that will continue to deliver savings for years to come.

Our experience is that we can attain up to 20% of energy cost savings on most buildings and manufacturing facilities. Our task is to uncover those savings, our focus is on implementing realistic, smart solutions that continue to deliver over the long term.

Energy audits

We help our clients see more, save more and sustain more.

By strategically measuring the supply of energy required to run your enterprise, identifying fluctuating requirements, likely future requirements and the availability of existing resources, we help our clients reduce costs, predict future requirements and manage risk.

Identifying cost savings

Reducing energy costs does not necessarily require reduced energy consumption.

By developing an intimate understanding of your business needs we will offer a multifaceted approach that identifies your enterprise’s overall energy needs, revealing savings opportunities that can be impossible to identify without a coordinated approach.

We then collaborate with our clients to implement a long term plan to deliver cost savings without increasing existing internal resources.

Energy analytics

You cannot manage what you don’t measure. We help our clients measure:

  • How much power is used
  • Where the power is consumed
  • How energy requirements fluctuate
  • How power is procured, and
  • How much it costs.

Deploying data points to measure these factors can result in data overload, making it difficult to identify efficiencies and savings opportunities.

So we empower our clients to monitor and report actionable data in real time, freeing them from the inadequacies of attempting to manage energy requirements through a rear-view mirror.

Risk management

Complex energy environments require sophisticated solutions that will reduce risk, ensuring redundancy without unnecessary expense.

We work alongside our clients to identify and implement cost effective strategies to ensure long term sustainability and consistency of supply.

Management and staff training

We don’t just design and implement smart solutions, we also empower our clients to become self-sufficient in managing energy needs effectively.

By combining automated analytics with streamlined workflow between employees and external suppliers, we ensure your teams has the knowledge and skills required to make sound decisions.

An independent approach

Unlike many suppliers of equipment, installers or energy retailers, we believe an agnostic approach translates to better decisions and solutions for our clients.

Managing energy requires a sophisticated approach to supply companies, equipment and software procurement and service suppliers.

Tandem Energy can collaborate as advisers, project managers or long-term asset managers to consistently deliver tangible savings and efficiencies.