Fixing fast fashion

Australia has a problem with fast fashion. The rise of companies such as Temu and Shein have created a situation where people are buying clothes and disposing of them, sometimes unworn, because they are so cheap. This causes a multitude of problems: Piles of unwanted clothes in Atacama Desert, Chile (credit: Greenhouse [...]

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Single-use plastic in labs – niche or not?

Do you work in a lab, or fast food? Surprisingly, these two industries have a lot in common when it comes to single use plastic. We recently completed a net zero pathway for a client and learned a lot about single use labware in the process. Admittedly, it’s a bit niche, but we thought it [...]

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Are you guilty of wish-cycling?

"Wish-cycling" is where we put things in the recycling bin, in the hopes that it can be recycled, without finding out whether that item is really recyclable. We feel like we’ve done the right thing and now it’s someone else’s problem, right? Yeah, we’ve all done it. Many products are physically recyclable, and the labels [...]

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