In what is a bittersweet moment for us we say goodbye this week to Jack as he moves on to an exciting new position.  After 4 years working for Tandem, Jack will now be attempting to effect change from within the Federal Government in his new job working as a Policy Officer in the newly formed Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water. Jack has been an invaluable member of the Tandem team, sharing his knowledge, technical skills, and passion for sustainability with both our clients and his work colleagues.

We asked Jack to reflect on his time with us:

What have you learnt working at Tandem?

  • Throughout my time at Tandem, I have learnt more about the complexities of some of the state’s largest businesses, having close up experience with wineries, technology manufacturers and our largest shopping centres. These intricacies, whilst complex, do open the door for some interesting opportunities for efficiency improvement, which is exciting to watch being implemented currently.
  • At Tandem, together we learnt about the Federal Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard, and the opportunities it possesses for our clients. Becoming a Registered Consultant taught me new skills in carbon accounting and how we can support our clients in generating emission baselines, and reduction strategies.
  • Overall, I have learnt that there is so much happening in this industry from energy efficiency, renewable energy to carbon accounting, which is exciting to see.

What has been your favourite part of the job?

  • Our work takes us to some very interesting places, with stunning views!

    My favourite part of the job is definitely getting to work alongside clients and supporting them in achieving opportunities to help improve efficiency, whilst reducing their environmental impact.

  • I have always enjoyed the very diverse workload at Tandem and being able to be part of some interesting and unique projects. Being able to work within the Independent Energy Services Alliance with 2XE and EfficientSee allowed me to expand on my existing skill set, and learn some new skills working with other team-members.

What are you looking forward to most in your new job?

  • I look forward to taking the skills I have learnt at Tandem and applying them at DCCEEW and continuing to support our transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient future.

We have been proud to have Jack as part of the Tandem team and wish him the best in his new role.

We are excited to welcome to Tandem our new team member, Rachel Burchett. After completing a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management and Sustainability in 2021, Rachel is currently studying for her Master of Environmental Management and Sustainability with the University of Newcastle. She has a broad background in sustainability, having previously worked as a bush regeneration officer in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa region, she currently volunteers with Sustainable Communities SA as the Workshop Coordinator for the One Planet Market at Payneham, the Conservation Volunteers, and as a volunteer ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. We look forward to working with Rachel whose commitment to sustainability will see her fit in perfectly with the rest of the Tandem team.