A long-awaited solution to solar energy sharing has hit South Australia.

We have always been pleased to partner with Energy Locals, an energy retailer we believe has the right intentions and skills to disrupt the energy market in Australia. They have now introduced an exciting new opportunity for individuals to gain a little more control of their energy future. It was announced last week that Energy Locals have partnered with solar trading software developer Enosi to provide a platform for those generating solar to sell or give their excess energy to consumers of their choice.

For customers who are unable generate their own solar energy, this is a huge win. Not only can they save money, they are able to buy clean energy and have complete transparency of what they are paying for. Complicated fee structures are eliminated, and consumers finally have a real choice about who they buy their energy from.

The reality of our existing energy market is that a small number of large players control how energy is sold on the wholesale market. Energy sharing is one way consumers can take control and help influence change in the wholesale market to enable a fairer system for everyone.

Customers of Energy Locals will be able to trade energy with each other at price that they agree on. All Energy Locals residential customers pay a membership fee of $4.50 per week and electricity can be purchased direct from Energy Locals at wholesale prices.

You can register your interest in the program by clicking here or contact Tandem Energy for more details.