Tandem’s Climate Active Certification Journey

After recently completing Climate Active training and becoming registered Climate Active consultants (for all 5 Climate Active certifications: Organisations, Products, Services, Events and Precincts), Tandem staff members Rachel and Jack are excited to begin putting what they have learnt into practice, by helping support businesses to calculate, reduce and offset their greenhouse gas emissions [...]

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What you should know when you commit to a large solar system

Renewable energy is an effective and simple method of reducing your energy consumption and reducing your carbon emissions. Large organisations often require equally large quantities of solar PV to be installed to offset their energy demands and bring down operational costs. One of the reasons many solar installers recommend a system of 99kW is [...]

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A Pleasant Efficient House

Written by homeowner Damien Mills on his experience on building and living in an energy efficient home. For me a “nice” house is open. Open views, open windows, a sense of space and being connected to the outside. As I sit here writing I can see my garden, the stormy skies; there are no lights, [...]

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Energy Locals Solar Energy Trading

A long-awaited solution to solar energy sharing has hit South Australia. We have always been pleased to partner with Energy Locals, an energy retailer we believe has the right intentions and skills to disrupt the energy market in Australia. They have now introduced an exciting new opportunity for individuals to gain a little more control [...]

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Sometimes, it’s the little things

When it comes to reducing your energy costs, targeting larger loads, or those used more frequently, makes a lot of sense. Big savings can often be achieved by making small adjustments to the way things are done, or when they are done. But sometimes, it’s the little things escaping our attention that are unknowingly contributing [...]

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